Do not believe what the scientists and the historians tell you. Millenia ago, Man was not smashing rock against rock and trying to bring forth flame. No, Men were the watchers, the observers of the greatest race of being ever to set foot upon Creation: the Exalted.

The first Age was the Age of Wonders, when Creation spanned immense, impossible distances, and all of it was controlled by the Exalted, those rare few who were blessed enough to be given the very power of the Gods. But that all ended with Usurpation and the Great Contagion that followed, bringing in the Second Age of Creation: The Age of Sorrows. But even an Age such as that was mightier than what followed; after the departure of the Scarlet Empress and the return of the Solars, Creation was on its way back to how it ought to have been. However, a great and impossible force rose from the Wyld and it required the combined efforts of all the gods and their Exalted champions. Moving off to combat this force, The Unconquered Sun and all his fellow immortals did not leave Creation defenseless; they took Creation and shaped the whole of it into a new form and cast it into a new location, far, far beyond the effect of the war about to begin. And so begun the Third Age of Creation: the Age of Man.

No longer did the Exalted walk the Earth, no longer did they rule Creation, and to add insult to injury the reshaping of Creation had a cataclysmic effect on its inhabitants, destroying many thousands of them, and reducing all their progress to naught but dust. But Men are nothing if not persistent, and they rebuilt and grew once more.

Dawn of the Fourth Age